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Transition Year

Transition Year

Planning for our transition year 2022 is well underway, we are currently building a sample curriculum of:

  • core subjects,
  • modules,
  • calendar events,
  • activities,
  • trips.

A sample curriculum will be shared with Parents/Guardians, Students and the Board of Management before the end of the 2021 calendar year.

For this first Transition Year Group 2022, if the uptake/interest is good ALL students will complete the year.

For future years, students may apply to proceed directly into fifth year.

Oct 05
Parent/Guardian Quiz Night
Oct 31
Oct Mid Term
Dec 05
School Closure
Dec 22
Christmas Holidays
Both staff and students enjoyed a fun filled day at Navan Adventure Centre. It was great to be outside and enjoying the last few weeks of term before the Summer break.
DETSS Teaching and Learning Team & the School Self Evaluation Team collaborated on Tuesday 15th March to deliver mini presentations on the aspect of Differentiation within the classroom, and how staff can adapt, embed, and best utilise differentiatio
Students from DETSS are commended for their work ethic and behaviour with a personalised cert.
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