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Student Initiatives

Student Initiatives

Drogheda ETSS offers many student led initiatives each year. Each student is given an opportunity to join an initiative that they are interested in. Below are some student initiative teams that have been set up:

Ethics Team:

The Ethics Team are a group of students who assist in the promotion of our school values and ethos in the school and in our local community. The aim is to create an inclusive environment throughout the school by celebrating cultural diversity, organising school events and fundraising for different charities. This year our Ethics Team put together an excellent food hamper in aid of SVP Christmas Food Appeal. Each student made a small donation and everyone made a contribution to this cause.


The I-team is a student lead initiative where members of DETSS can identify themselves as Tech-Savvy and willing to help others in the area of technology. Students are trained in basic problem solving with devices and can direct students in the steps they need to take to get their technology back on track in a friendly and helpful manner.

Literacy Leaders:

The Literacy Leaders are a group of dedicated students who work to promote a love of reading in the school. They engage in tasks like; setting up a school book club, encouraging students to swap books with each other and writing book reviews. These students have also become published writers this year, and contributed articles to The Meath Coaster. The Literacy Leaders is open to anyone who has an appreciation for the written word!

Sustainable Squad:

The Sustainable Squad are a group of students who are passionate about climate change, looking after our environment and making our school more sustainable. They work on tasks such as promoting sustainability at home and in school, creating ways to reduce plastic consumption in our school and students have also attended active citizenship workshops. Students have also organised local beach cleaning and climate strikes.

Well-being Warriors:

The Well-being Warriors consists of students who are dedicated to the health and well-being of students in our school. The Well-being warriors have organised many events throughout the year such as “wellness week”, physical activity days, fundraisers and random acts of kindness. The team meets on a regular basis to organise events and collaborate on ways we can promote health and well-being throughout DETSS.

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Both staff and students enjoyed a fun filled day at Navan Adventure Centre. It was great to be outside and enjoying the last few weeks of term before the Summer break.
DETSS Teaching and Learning Team & the School Self Evaluation Team collaborated on Tuesday 15th March to deliver mini presentations on the aspect of Differentiation within the classroom, and how staff can adapt, embed, and best utilise differentiatio
Students from DETSS are commended for their work ethic and behaviour with a personalised cert.
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