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All students in DETSS will be encouraged to explore and develop their unique talents and gifts in a variety of fields. Here is a list of some of the clubs students and staff have set up this year:

Art Club
Our extra-curricular Art Club is an opportunity for students to explore their creative side outside of the rigors of a curriculum. Students meet once a week after school and work on projects of their choosing with the guidance of their art teacher. This is a great opportunity for students who do not take the subject to remain engaged in practice and creative endeavours.

Book Club
The Drogheda ETSS Literacy Leaders promote reading for fun every Monday at lunch time. The Book Club is a relaxing environment where students come to read novels and talk about them with their friends. Some students have engaged in book swapping or writing reviews. The Book Club is also perfect for students who do not especially love reading as we also encourage paired-reading. This makes reading more fun and students enjoy sharing the experience with a friend at the same time.

Chess and Boardgames Club
The Chess and Boardgames Club runs each Wednesday. It is an opportunity for all students to play boardgames or chess. Students can also learn how to play chess and many students have weekly tournaments. Chess and Boardgames Club is open to all students and new and exciting games are always available.

Craft Club
Craft Club runs every Thursday at lunchtime. Students get the opportunity to show off their creativity and upcycle old materials. Items created this year were bunting made from old denim jeans and hair scrunchies made from old curtain material.

Green Schools
Our DETSS Sustainable Squad has worked hard this year and we have applied for our first Green Schools Flag. We hope to receive this flag during the 2020/2021 school year. Students have been monitoring our waste and providing useful information to other students.

Music Club
Music club comes together to sing pop songs on Tuesday lunchtimes. Sometimes we swap singing for learning the ukulele too! Whistles and Fiddle players meet each month to learn new tunes. Both groups performed beautifully at our first concert in December before the Christmas holidays.

Oct 05
Parent/Guardian Quiz Night
Oct 31
Oct Mid Term
Dec 05
School Closure
Dec 22
Christmas Holidays
Both staff and students enjoyed a fun filled day at Navan Adventure Centre. It was great to be outside and enjoying the last few weeks of term before the Summer break.
DETSS Teaching and Learning Team & the School Self Evaluation Team collaborated on Tuesday 15th March to deliver mini presentations on the aspect of Differentiation within the classroom, and how staff can adapt, embed, and best utilise differentiatio
Students from DETSS are commended for their work ethic and behaviour with a personalised cert.
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