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Edco e-Book Bundle Payment 2022

€80 per Year

1. The Edco e-book bundle is €80 per academic year.

2. Edco will contact you, the Parent/Guardian, (using the contact information that you supply) when your next payment of €80 is due. Your contact details will be used for payment purposes only.

3. All orders must be received by 30th June 2022 to guarantee an Edco Learning account is set up with all the new and required Edco e-books, in time for each student starting/returning to school in August 2022.

4. The Edco store will close on 30th June and therefore any order received after 30th June 2022 will not be processed in time for the student starting/returning to school in August 2022.

5. You must enter your child’s unique school email address. Which has been emailed to all parents/guardians. If you did not receive the email details please contact the school office at office@droghedetss.ie.

6. All orders must be received and paid for online by going to edco.ie/drogheda

7. Ordering or making payment over the phone is unfortunately not possible.

8. For parents/guardians with multiple siblings in the school – you will need to process an order for each child individually.

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